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About Me

I was born on Januray 29, 1990 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was born into a family of five and i'm forever greatful i was born into this family. Because of my familys love and support, i have been able to live, struggle and grow with little to no problems and because of them i'm able to live out my passions.

After graduating from High school in 2009, i went to Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. There i found out that my passions lie elsewhere and that if i wanted to learn what it was i needed to go back home. So coming home lead me to find myself and my passion. Then a friend of mine pointed out a university he was attending and showed me what they teach and i had previously been self teaching myself After Effects. That's when i figured out that i wanted to do 3D and i wanted to be taught in Full Sail University. After starting my Computer Animation BS i knew that choose what i wanted to do.

After passing through classes i was still undecided in one thing, what would i focus on?, even though this school taught me how to be more of a generalist i still was unsure on what exatly to go for. Then i hit my first VFX class and i had the most fun just messing around with stuff. After making a few fires and rigged bodies i knew that i was able to do this without noticing time passing. At that point forward i dedicated allmost all my free time to doing VFX, doing so i found one of my specialty programs i wanted to get really good at and that was Houdini.

Now I'm still learning new programs while still honing my skills in Houdini. I'm right now teaching myself how to use 3DSMax, RealFlow, FumeFX, Krakatoa, Maya, Cinema4D, Nuke, After Effects and many others. I love that i will never know all the programs and i love learning what i can learn. I'm a very passionet man on what i do and work on and i think that is something that can been seen in all my work.

For the future i want to end up working on multiple things, i want to teach myself how to work in VFX for games and expand my universe as much as my life allows.